What do Nice Ladies Do? The End of the Saga of Marina Grande on the Halifax

Marina Grande on the Halifax

What do Nice Ladies Do? The End of the Saga of Marina Grande on the Halifax I have been getting calls about Marina Grande on the Halifax for more than 10 years. Used to get into the details explaining things happening and not happening. Nobody cared about this magnificent project […] Read more »

Daytona Beach Shores Condo Market in Numbers. 2020

Daytona Beach Sores Condos

Daytona Beach Shores Condo Market in Numbers. 2020 How is Daytona Beach Shores Condo Market  in numbers? What is for sale now? Currently there are 68 condo units for sale in Daytona Beach Shores shown on local MLS. It is only 1.26% of the total number of condos in Daytona […] Read more »

About Condo Boards and Condo Fees

Daytona Beach Shores

When you read about condos, you are warned about “Gestapo” Boards, exorbitant Condo Association Dues, and other similar stuff. I am a condo broker and in my world every property has Condo Owners’ Association, or COA. What this really means is that every owner is a member or a mandatory […] Read more »

Irma Is Still With Us…

Kingston Shores condo after Irma

Hurricane Irma hit Daytona Beach September 9, 2017. We left the city. After the Hurricane I received the call from the condo Association Board Member that Irma took the roof over Kingston Shores condo, the investment condo in Ormond Beach. There was no roof, you could see the sky. It […] Read more »

Who Should the Buyer in Florida Hire: Agent or Attorney?

Agent or Attorney

Real Estate Agent or Attorney? If you Google this question, you will see quite a few postings. Mostly from attorneys. And, you guessed it right, better to have the attorney than a real estate agent. They would dwell on how real estate agents are paid. That agents have interest in […] Read more »

Ocean Walk Resort. Market Snapshot. October 2017.

Wyndham Ocean Walk

South Tower 300 N Atlantic Ave., Daytona Beach, FL 32118 Active: Currently there are 6 condos for sale in the South Tower of Ocean Walk Resort. 4 one-bedroom units starting from $234,900, and 2 two-bedroom units starting from $369,900. Actually, one is for this price and the other is for […] Read more »

Two-Bedroom Beachside Daytona Condos. June 2017

10 best big cities to retire

Two-Bedroom Beachside Daytona Condos. There are 16 two-bedroom beachside Daytona condos for sale priced between $75,000 and $140,000. Here is the link to the information about them. 67 two-bedroom units changed hands in preceding 12-month period. 28 two-bedroom units have new owners since January 1 this year. In the same […] Read more »

Real Estate Absolutes That Aren’t…

Some of those are specific to condos. Like it got to be oceanfront only, no side view, or on the north side as the south side will be much hotter, view from oceanfront buildings is better than from buildings across street, or something else. Today we challenge the height. I […] Read more »

1st quarter Daytona condo market report


1st quarter Daytona condo market report In this report we limited the scope of analysis to the following seven municipalities: Daytona Beach, Daytona Beach Shores, Ormond Beach, Holly Hill, South Daytona, Port Orange, Ponce Inlet. These 7 municipalities are adjacent to one another and commonly referred to as Daytona Beach […] Read more »

Friends & Real Estate

Ponce Inlet

Real Estate is never narrowly defined and narrowly specific. Too many things tie in, so when you say Real Estate, it is like saying “life”. It is everything around us… So it is general. One would think that friends are your best clients, and often times it is true. But […] Read more »

Not A Big Deal…

Showing Condos

I get a call from someone, who is reading my blog, and now want to look at condos. They tell me what and when and where, and we start working. 1. Looking for all condos fitting the broad criteria, narrowing down to few condos so that our customer really knows […] Read more »