World’s Most Famous Beach

Set against balmy breezes and anchored by 23 miles of clean, hard-packed white sand, for the last 100 years Daytona Beach is known as the World’s Most Famous Beach. It is  because of the popularity of auto racing on our hard packed sand. While there is no racing on the beach now, great Daytona tradition of driving on the beach is still alive.

Located on the east coast of Central Florida, Daytona Beach is internationally known for its racing roots, hosting some of the largest motorsports events in the world including the Daytona 500, dubbed as the “Great American Race.”

Tourists and residents alike treasure our cheery brand of southern hospitality. A little over 500,000 residents in the Daytona Beach metro area and ten million visitors enjoy moderate weather, quality educational choices, exceptional recreational activities, an active arts community and, of course, one of the most beautiful, family-friendly beaches in Florida. The climate in Daytona Beach is also ideal. The area enjoys mild, year-round temperatures.

So whether it’s watching a fast-paced sporting event, a relaxing stroll on the beach, or anywhere in between, Daytona Beach can accommodate many different speeds and lifestyles.

Daytona Beach was made famous for its wide beach and smooth, hard-packed sands. It became widely known in the early 1900s for high-speed auto racing. This made the beach a mecca for racing enthusiasts. Beginning of last century was marked not only by auto racing on the beach, but also by air acrobatics in front of famous Clarendon Hotel, where The Plaza Resort & Spa stand now. You can find photos of Ruth Bancroft Law performing air acrobatics on the beach.

“Stretched along 23 miles of Florida’s east coast, Daytona Beach and its surrounding areas offer a vacation unlike any other. At the “World’s Most Famous Beach,” visitors can feel freer in endless ocean waves or on warm sandy shores. Explore farther on nature trails or in unique shops. Play longer on world-class greens or on boardwalk games. Get closer over romantic dinners for two or during networking business conferences for 2,000. Whatever the vacation, Daytona Beach is where you’ll discover there is as much to do off the beach as there is to do on it.” (on city of Daytona Beach website)

Today the hard-packed sand and the alluring Atlantic Ocean attracts ten million tourists annually. The Daytona Beach area boasts one of only a few beaches where driving and parking is allowed. It’s also perfect for building sand castles, walking, bike riding, jogging, fishing, swimming, surfing or just relaxing in the warm sunshine.

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It is an excellent place to call home, or to have a vacation condo on the beach and enjoy life to the fullest. There are 66 residential condominium buildings/complexes in Daytona Beach


Daytona Beach, a destination like no other

Daytona Beach, a destination like no other