Ormond Beach

Ormond Beach is a beautiful small city with less than 40,000 residents located north of Daytona Beach. As many other coastal communities in Florida, it caters to family and mature tourists.

“This area is known for its famous drive-on beach, one of the few available in the world. Ormond Beach nickname, the “Birthplace of Speed”, comes from the turn-of-the-century speed records set here on the beach. Today, millions of visitors come each year to witness automobile racing at nearby Daytona International Speedway.” (source: official Ormond Beach website)

Ormond Beach was established as a tourist haven for the rich and famous at the turn of the century. The richest man in the Universe at that time – John Rockefeller – spent 24 winters at The Casements. His former partner Henry Flagler was building Florida railroads and owned a huge hotel at the site of this condo in the photo.

Dubbed as the “birthplace of Speed”, when early automobile enthusiasts, the rich and famous, found the hard packed sands ideal grounds for automobile racing, it became a Mecca for everything auto races.

No wonder that Ormond claims the highest standard of living in the county with its “clean light-industrial base and an effective education system producing award-winning results with the areas youth. The medical system in this area is second to none. Ormond Beach offers the services of three major medical centers as the base for medical services in our area. In nearby Daytona Beach, two additional centers are located. The area is home to many assisted living facilities and first class rehabilitation services. The medical community is broad-based in the Ormond Beach area, offering services in nearly every specialization, including open-heart surgery.“ (source: official Ormond Beach website) And we hope you would never need open-heart surgery 🙂

With near-perfect climate, enviable location, and the abundance of recreational and outdoor opportunities for the young and young in heart, Ormond Beach is an unbeatable choice for any would-be Floridian.