Real Estate Absolutes That Aren’t…

Some of those are specific to condos. Like it got to be oceanfront only, no side view, or on the north side as the south side will be much hotter, view from oceanfront buildings is better than from buildings across street, or something else.

Today we challenge the height.

I remember a guy from Chicago, who before coming to Daytona warned me so that I do not show him anything with side view, and also that he wanted to be as high as he could because the view is better the higher you are.

I obliged. We got to the 20 floor of a direct oceanfront condo unit, he looked at the window, walked out to the balcony, looked down… He was quiet for a while and then he said: “But how can see the beautiful ladies on the beach”

– Binoculars, my friend, binoculars…

So, yes, it is not absolute. The higher the floor, the more panoramic view you are getting, so some buildings, especially those that not directly on the beach, but across street, may offer gorgeous vistas from higher floors.

But if you are right on the ocean and in a direct oceanfront unit, your view may not be the best after all. You start seeing that the ocean is spotty, not that one beautiful color, but there are darker and lighter spots because of the difference in depths. In general, try not to go higher than 5-6 floor if you are in direct oceanfront unit.

Because if you like to look at the ocean, remember you last cruise. It is so beautiful when you are stopping at all those islands, but when you spend 2 days in the open ocean, it is plain boring. There is nothing to look at, nothing to enjoy.

Same here. The ocean in Daytona Beach is beautiful when you see the beach, the waves rolling on the beach, people on the beach, fishermen… If you are on the top floor of a 21-story condo, you can only see it when you come to the window. From your center of the Living room you just see blue wallpaper. No movement, no life.

But if your unit is on a side of the building, the higher you are, you would still have the panorama and view of the ocean on the side, but you will be getting a great view of the Halifax River. So, yes, there might be some benefit to be on a high floor.

Again, nothing is absolute.

But is you take, for example, MG on the Halifax, a gorgeous complex on the west side of the Intracoastal, the answer to this question whether to be high or to be low would depend on personal taste. From 10th floor up you start getting the view of the ocean and the higher you go, the more impressive it gets.

However, you view of the river at the foot of your condo is getting farther, and you are losing that human angle and loses a lot of beauty and appeal.

If you settle on lower floor, you lose the view of the ocean, but you get such a warm feeling from the gorgeous river, which is now so welcoming, and so pleasing to the eye.

So, is it better to be on a high floor?

Well, it depends.

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