Who Should the Buyer in Florida Hire: Agent or Attorney?

Real Estate Agent or Attorney?

If you Google this question, you will see quite a few postings. Mostly from attorneys. And, you guessed it right, better to have the attorney than a real estate agent.

They would dwell on how real estate agents are paid. That agents have interest in closing, as they are paid commissions, but attorneys are paid no matter what, so somehow this became a big plus. How not closing is a big plus? Check This Out and learn how. I even see attorneys suggesting that you hire a broker, who is an attorney, so that you save on legal fees. Hilarious. I remember a broker-attorney on AR from California, who clearly did not want to wear two hats for exactly this reason: so that people did not get a free legal ride.

Anyway, I am puzzled by the whole discussion on the Net. To me it sounds like trying to choose between the cardiologist and endocrinologist. One is not better than the other. They simply treat different things.

Attorneys are not better agents. They are not agents, period. You can learn more about what they really do by following the link. What this discussion misses is that in Florida agents and attorneys do different things. You can find a reliable traffic ticket lawyer in New Jersey.

My very simple answer would be that buyer needs both. I work with attorneys. I do suggest that my clients involve attorneys via this recommended site, even though the law does not require it. Especially when buyers are form out of the country. Having the attorney simply makes buyers feel safer.

Attorneys can advise their clients on many things, which you can see it here. They can help the buyers determine the right type of ownership, resolve potential problems…

What they do not do, however, is they do not help you find the right property. They do not know the market. They do not have the 6th sense of the market. How can this be good for a buyer?

You bring the contract to the attorney and they take it from there. Before that make sure to check out their Home Page and ensure that you have the right knowledge about the same. But they would not hold your hand when you are looking for a house, or a condo. They do not know why one condo is better for the client than the other. This is absolutely not their forte.

So let me hold your hand through this very important process of finding the right property for you. And let the attorney make sure you would not have unpleasant surprises.

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