Who Should the Buyer in Florida Hire: Agent or Attorney?

Agent or Attorney

Real Estate Agent or Attorney? If you Google this question, you will see quite a few postings. Mostly from attorneys. And, you guessed it right, better to have the attorney than a real estate agent. They would dwell on how real estate agents are paid. That agents have interest in […] Read more »

Hard Rock Hotel is Coming to Daytona Beach

Desert Inn

Hard Rock Hotel is Coming to Daytona Beach…Yet Again After a lot of hype, a lot of enthusiastic articles about this huge project for Daytona Beach, where Canadian investors from Bayshore Capital were going to build Hard Rock Hotel and Hard Rock Café on a 10-acre oceanfront lot. This was […] Read more »

Cap on Estoppel Fees in Florida

Marrk Goebel's image

“Florida Realtors scored a big legislative victory today following the passage of a bill that caps estoppel certificate fees, among other changes.” This is on the Florida Realtors’ website. It says that “”After several years of educating legislators and building support in both legislative chambers on the issue of estoppel […] Read more »