Palm Coast Lot Market

Palm Coast

.lm Coast Lot Market I am a condo broker, and rarely venture to other types of properties, especially outside of my core area. Actually, Pam Cost is part of Greater Daytona area, but this is not the reason I am writing about it. I thought that looking at rapidly changing […] Read more »

Let’s Talk Ethics


Many agents believe that REALTORS are really held to higher standards. I do not believe this BS. So, here is the story… To be exact, below are two stories. Story #1 I received the email from a Board member of one of the condo-hotels. He received the contract for sale […] Read more »

Timing In Real Estate

When to buy Daytona condo

Timing in Real Estate Now is the time when I often get the request for foreclosures. I am not talking about REOs, I am talking about foreclosures. People, who are asking, think that this is a constant source of cheap properties, so when they do not see “deals”, they want […] Read more »