Hard Rock Hotel is Coming to Daytona Beach

Hard Rock Hotel is Coming to Daytona Beach…Yet Again

After a lot of hype, a lot of enthusiastic articles about this huge project for Daytona Beach, where Canadian investors from Bayshore Capital were going to build Hard Rock Hotel and Hard Rock Café on a 10-acre oceanfront lot.

This was in 2013, and they announced 2015 as the project completion date. In 2015 there was still nothing, and the company kept assuring us that it was still coming, but later, until at the end of 2016 they finally acknowledged that it was not coming after all this time.

They ended up with a huge $13-million dollar hole for the cost of land, work done, legal and other fees…

Their self-inflicted demise is a separate story…

The story that interests us now is a story of a Hard Rock Hotel coming to Daytona. Not to this location, though.

After the announcement for Hard Rock Hotel in 2013, there came the announcement of another hotel, former Desert Inn, which was in the process of major renovation to become a 4-star Westin Hotel.

Unlike the Hard Rock Hotel site, the renovations at future Westin Hotel were under way. And then came the announcement that now it will be Hard Rock Hotel. The owners saw the opportunity when the Canadian investor group’s development agreement with Hard Rock expired June last year. They convinced Hard Rock people that they had enough space and could work out the configuration and room requirements for Hard Rock and they succeeded in getting the approvals fro the city and the county, which, after so many failures by developers, was ready to approve anything as long as the cranes would be coming.

So, yes, Ladies & Gentlemen, Hard Rock is coming to Daytona. It was a hard way for them to come, but now they are coming for sure.

Image by Rusty Clark ~ 100K Photos via Flickr.com/creativecommons

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