Ocean Walk Resort. Market Snapshot. October 2017.

South Tower

300 N Atlantic Ave.,
Daytona Beach, FL 32118


Currently there are 6 condos for sale in the South Tower of Ocean Walk Resort.

4 one-bedroom units starting from $234,900, and 2 two-bedroom units starting from $369,900. Actually, one is for this price and the other is for $450K. But I wouldn’t call it crazy. One is offered at today’s price, and the other, probably, at tomorrows, but as long as this tomorrow is coming, it is fine.

And all signs now are indicating that tomorrow is coming.

It took Ocean Walk a rather long time to get the prices where they are. For several years prices for 1-bedrooms couldn’t get over $200K.


9 condos were sold in the preceding 12 months. Prices started from $177,253 for a one-bedroom unit and $345K for a two-bedroom unit.

But to really notice the dynamics of the market, let us look at sales in the same period a year earlier.

12 condos sold in that period in South Tower. 5 one-bedroom units changed hands for less than $200K. Two-bedroom condo started from less than $300K.

Same period yet one year earlier was nearly dead with only 5 condos sold in South Tower and not a single unit in the North Tower. 3 one-bedroom units starting from $169K. All of them under $200K.

North Tower

350 N Atlantic Ave.,
Daytona Beach, FL 32118


As of today, 3 condos for sale in Ocean Walk Resort starting from $349,900. All condos are 2-bedroom units. While majority of condos in South Tower active or sold are 1-bedrooms, in North Tower they are 2-bedrooms. It is not by accident. In North Tower there are only 2 1-bedroom units that were sold to whole owners. The rest are time-share units. So, it is no surprise that practically always you see 2-bedroom condos changing hands at North Tower of Ocean Walk Resort.


In the preceding 12 months there were 5 sales in the North Tower. All were 2-bedroom condos. Prices ranged from $300K to $399K.

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