Hey, It Is Florida, Not South Carolina


I happened to me before. I advise customers, then they call their tax man and he kills the deal. While unfortunate, you have to bury the deal and move. Sometimes I dream of calling the tax man and tell him everything I think about him but I digress… My clients […] Read more »

Oceans Four Condominium in Daytona Beach Shores, FL.

Oceans Four

Oceans Four Condominium Oceans Four is a 20-story condominium building with 114 condo units in Daytona Beach Shores. It is one of 15 condominium buildings in the Oceans group of condos. Yet on MLS there is only 1 unit for sale as of today, February 5, 2018. Less than 1% […] Read more »

About Condo Boards and Condo Fees

Daytona Beach Shores

When you read about condos, you are warned about “Gestapo” Boards, exorbitant Condo Association Dues, and other similar stuff. I am a condo broker and in my world every property has Condo Owners’ Association, or COA. What this really means is that every owner is a member or a mandatory […] Read more »

Me And 85,000 Other Attendees

Builders Show

A few weeks ago, we had a chance to go to the International Builders’ Show at Orlando Convention Center. What an incredible Builders’ Show it was… We went there first on January 9, but we had a small business to stop at IKEA. We needed to help our client to […] Read more »

Vivat Le Hard Rock Hotel!

Vivat le Hard Rock Hotel

Hard Rock Hotel in Daytona Beach. It is interesting how things constantly change. Desert Inn in Daytona at 900 North Atlantic Ave. did not have a great reputation. TripAdvisor named it one of 10-dirtiest hotels in the nation. And then, shortly thereafter police and FBI raided the hotel and arrested […] Read more »

Sea Dip Resort. February 2018

Sea Dip, a condo-hotel in Daytona Beach

Sea Dip Sea Dip  is a 5-story 134-room Daytona Beach condo-hotel. It is one of the oldest condo-hotels in the area – it was built in 1960. In early 2000 it has undergone concrete restoration. The first condo-hotel to go through that. At that time $7K-$8K Special Assessment sounded like […] Read more »

Timing In Real Estate

Timing in Real Estate

Timing in Real Estate Now is the time when I often get the request for foreclosures. I am not talking about REOs, I am talking about foreclosures. People, who are asking, think that this is a constant source of cheap properties, so when they do not see “deals”, they want […] Read more »

Irma Is Still With Us…

Kingston Shores condo after Irma

Hurricane Irma hit Daytona Beach September 9, 2017. We left the city. After the Hurricane I received the call from the condo Association Board Member that Irma took the roof over Kingston Shores condo, the investment condo in Ormond Beach. There was no roof, you could see the sky. It […] Read more »

Have I Sold Any Units In This Condo Building?

Ashley Condominiums

We were showing a condo in Daytona Beach Shores to out-of-state Buyers the other day, and they asked me whether I have sold units in this building. Hmm, have I sold any units in this condo building? And I said “No”… How come? If I specialize in condos in Daytona […] Read more »

Castaways Beach Resort Market Snapshot. End of 2017

Castaways Beach Resort

Daytona Condo-Hotel Market. Castaways This is the beginning of new 2018, perfect time to look back at 2017, see how Castaways Beach Resort fared by analyzing the statistical data. Try to predict the condo-hotel market in 2018 and, maybe, 2019. Current Data There are 3 condo-hotel units for sale in […] Read more »