Hi, I Am Bebra! And You?

Hi, I Am Bebra! And You?

June 13, 2013 04:17 PM. Yes, I am Bebra is an old post, nearly 10 years old, and it is not about Real Estate. But it is a little humor about life. Receptionists on the phone listen to my spelling and still write something very different. For example, if you say S as in Sam, you wouldn’t expect them to write F… So, my old story is never old. It was originally posted on Active Rain.

I am calling the Ear (ENT) doctor. The receptionist is asking for my last name. I am carefully spelling… Z as in Zebra and then other letters of my 6 –letter last name, which is Zolsky.

She comes back to me and calls me «Mr. Bolsky». Hmm….Z as in zebra makes it «B»!

I spell it to her again insisting on this freaking zebra thing.

Probably she needs an appointment with the doctor she works for.

Unless, of course, there are herds of striped bebras roaming the African plains.

Photo by I The Nick Page  via Flickr.com

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