Daytona News. Costco.

Daytona News. Costco is coming to OneDaytona

Costco is not about real estate, but it is important for Daytonians, so, if you want to live here, it might be interesting for you.

“The Daytona Beach Planning Board March 23 approved a major site plan for a Costco at OneDaytona” (Hometown News)

Costco Wholesale, the world’s fifth-largest retailer, plans to break ground next year on a massive members-only wholesale club store at One Daytona, across the street from Daytona International Speedway.”

There is no question that Costco will become a tremendous magnet for OneDaytona. We watched Sam’s Club moving into a new location on LPGA Blvd. and watched it changing the area with massive influx of stores and restaurants. These restaurants there could not survive without the influx of people coming to shop at Sam’s Club.

OneDaytona struggled with attracting enough people to support their Food Establishments and watched restaurants leaving after only months from the Grand Opening.

Costco coming to One Daytona will change this and will make OneDaytona a very attractive for businesses and restaurants. It just couldn’t be any better.

The company purchased 17 acres of land in the north-west section of OneDaytona. It is next to the movie theater. The company plans call for 161,000 sf Costco warehouse, 24-pump gas station and a minimum of 565 parking spaces.

And in about 18 months we will have the 3rd wholesale club facility after Sam’s Club and BJ’s.

And then we will start pushing for Trader Joe’s.

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