One-Bedroom Condos in the Shores

One-bedroom Condos in the Shores

A Little But of Stats

Out of 78 condos listed on Daytona MLS, six are one-bedroom condos in the Shores, how locals often call Daytona Beach Shores. Except one, they are all on the ocean. Prices start at $289K in Sunglow Resort Condo with the most liberal rental restriction, which is 1 day, or consider it no minimum stay restrictions. Whoever is looking at Airbnb business, this may be the place for you. They have management office on site, and provide keys to guests besides other things. As for the unit, it offers excellent view of the ocean from the 9th floor unit.

The most expensive of all one-bedroom condos in the Shores is a condo in Oceans 10. Unit is just over 1,000 sq. ft. View of the ocean.  1.5 bath. Oceans Ten has both an outdoor and indoor pool. This is not a new building (1989) in Daytona Beach Shores, but it is a very nice quality building and in the 80s-90s it was truly a luxury building.

The Market

Interestingly, the market is making a turn, and this is a turn down. The inventory nearly doubled in the last few months in Daytona Beach shores, and we now have 78 units. It is still very small but you no longer hear about multiple offers and people paying well over the asking price. Feel of the recession on the horizon is more palpable…

We “survived” about 15 years of the real estate recession, and we had just a short breath of fresh air of a normal market, even a tiny bit of a crazy market before going back to a slower one. It is not yet a buyer’s market, and we do not know if there will be the buyers’ market, at least not soon, but the market is changing.

It is changing…


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