One Sunday Fun in One Daytona

One Sunday Fun in One Daytona

One Daytona Entertainment & Retail

It is not about condos, the theme I usually blog about. So why would I write on a condo website about fun in One Daytona, which is not about condos? Nothing to write about? Bored to death with condos?

Well, no…

After all condos do not exist in the vacuum, they are not the thing in themselves. They are part of our neighborhoods, communities, cities and towns… They are part of our life like everything else,  and while I might be concentrating on condos, people moving to Daytona or buying Daytona condos as second homes will not be living in the vacuum, and where to go and have fun, where to dine, shop, relax, is as important as where you live. It is what we mean by quality of life…

From now on I will time from time blog about things, which are not directly tied to condos. And now you know why I am going to do it.

One Daytona

Marriott Hotel in One Daytona

We start with One Daytona, since Sunday fun does not really require explanations. But what is One Daytona ?

“Experience the Daytona Beach area’s epicenter for premier retail, dining and entertainment – including two hotels, luxury apartments and Victory Circle. ONE DAYTONA is a lifestyle and entertainment center designed for convenience, comfort and fun. With inviting spaces, new-to-market and exclusive retail and an appetizing collection of dining options, ONE DAYTONA is the ideal gathering spot for locals, visitors and race fans. ”

Yep, this is what it is. One Daytona, with the entrance across street from the Daytona International Speedway, is an 181-acre place to go in Daytona both for the locals and tourists. “Officially opened Dec. 1, 2017, ONE DAYTONA offers a one-of-a-kind showcase of first-to-market retail outlets and specialty shops, quick-bite and full-service restaurants, and energetic live entertainment.”

4th Annual Art Festival in One Daytona

Art Festival

One Sunday I am talking about was April 2, the second day of  4th annual One Daytona Art Festival. We went there and were surprised by the scale of the event and quality of exhibits. We have been to Art & Crafts shows on Beach Street, but no comparison the One Daytona Art Festival.

A lot of high quality beautiful pieces of art, jewelry… Took us way longer to walk it through than we initially expected. Plenty of people, kiosks and shops business booming, 2 guitarists playing fantastic music… it all was wonderful experience and we were glad we did not miss it.

And what we saw was only a small part of the well-thought off event with multiple venues, art and music competitions, brilliant invitees…

One Sunday fun in One Daytona was a memorable event.

We will be coming for more and, if you are in Daytona, join us.

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