Where Did Daytona Condo-Hotels Go?

Where did Daytona Condo-Hotels go?

38 condo-hotel units for sale starting from $73K in the Plaza to $250K in Daytona Beach Resort & Conference Center. This is from the total of over 2,000 condo-hotels. We used to have more than 160 units in crisis, and now only 38? Where did Daytona Condo-Hotels go?

Of course, the number of the units on the market is laughable, but in the last few days 4 units were added, and no matter how miniscule the numbers are, they represent 10% and this is a meaningful increase.

Don’t get me wrong. The market is still hot, but the temperature is a couple of degrees lower. Our market seems to start cooling. Didn’t we all expected that this would happen?

Of course, in some buildings there are more units for sale, like in Daytona Beach Resort & Conference Center (11 units) and in some there is nothing at all, but this is the number we are not used to.

For years and years, we were looking at 160+ and reaming that there will be a day when buyers will be grabbing the units for a very high dollar.

This day came … and there is no inventory. There is nothing to sell… 🙂

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