How Bright Is Brightline?

.How Bright is Brightline? I do not know, but it is fast, really fast.

I remember that before younger Bush became our governor, there was a lot of discussions about a speed rail connecting Miami with Orlando, and then being extended to Tampa. I loved this idea very much, but seems like the price tag of $1.5 B made him uneasy and he “killed” the idea.

I thought this was the end of it and we will never see a fast train from Miami to Orlando. I was wrong. A few days ago I ran into an article

“Brightline to Orlando: 130-mph speed tests, opening date, ticket prices and safety updates

Brightline is on schedule to open its Orlando station this year with routes to existing stations in Miami, Aventura, Fort Lauderdale, Boca Raton and West Palm Beach.”

No, the train will not go at 130 MPH all the way. This is the test speed on the last segment from Cocoa Beach to Orlando. But 125 MPH for this last segment is still a lot.

According to the article, “the new 37,350-square-foot station at Orlando International Airport features a three-story contemporary design, retail shopping, a bar with light bites and panoramic views of oncoming trains.”

It will take you 3 hours to get from Miami to Orlando. It is faster, and seriously faster than going by car.

Looking forward to Brightline future. Gotta be bright 🙂 . Of course, it is a little sad it is not going to Daytona, but hey, if we live much longer, who knows?

As for us here in Daytona beach, we are curious when the Sunrail will come to Daytona. Right now the decision is made to extend it to Deland, our County Seat. Currently, if runs from Poinciana in Orange County to DeBary in Volusia County. We are not going to get the speed train, so SunRail would be nice tohave for us.

For the full article click here

High-speed train Miami-Orlando: WHAT’S NEW?

High-speed train Miami-Orlando: WHAT’S NEW?

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