Pendleton Club Condominium. May 2016

Pendleton Club Condominium is a riverfront (Intracoastal) condominium building. One of the first condos not only in Daytona Beach, but also in Florida. Even though it was built in 1963, it is still one of the best-built condominiums in the area. Very sturdy, inside corridor system, doorman, one door is to your unit, and the other door from the corridor to your kitchen is for groceries…

I am sure in the 60s this was the most luxurious building in the area. Excellent grounds. Large pool, could be heated but the owners choose not to heat in winter as nobody use it, and the cost of heating is substantial.

There is a concrete walkway along the river on the property, benches… Mature trees crate shade over BBQ area. Pendleton has its own ramp for the boats, and some owners keep their kayaks attached to the fence.

Pendleton Club Condominium has a dock, so if your aspirations go further than a kayak, and you have a boat, you might have to wait in line, but eventually get your own dock right where you live. Or you can keep your boat in a designated space on the parking lot for a nominal monthly fee.

The Condominium has one-, two- and three-bedroom units. Majority of units are two-bedroom/two baths.

Currently there are only 6 two-bedroom/2 bath units for sale in the building. Prices from $115,000 to 129,900.

How does it stack up?

5 condos sold in 2016. Lowest priced was $90K, but there was only one for that price and all other sold units were over $120,500. So far no real change in prices.

But if you compare to sales in 2015, you would notice the difference right away.

8 units changed hands in 2015. 3 units fetched less than $100K and the lowest priced unit was only $67K. And the highest sold price was only $113K. And yes, they were all the same 2 bedroom/2 bath units.

We see that some condos are showing higher market heat index than others. Pendleton is still rather cool…

Good news for buyers… A bit more patience for the Sellers to make really good news for them…

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