Any Condos For Sale in Danbury Breakers?

Are There Condos For Sale in Danbury Breakers in Daytona Beach Shores?

I receive calls and emails about particular condos in greater Daytona Beach area. I do not know why my callers are fascinated with a particular building, but too often, especially when it relates to smaller condos, the answer is “No”.

So, no, there are no condos for sale in Danbury Breakers as of today according to our area MLS.

I believe there are three reasons for that:

  1. The market is more active, and properties change hands faster;
  2. The inventory is lower across the board for condominiums, and there is nothing in Danbury Breakers today;
  3. There are only 30 units in the condominium, so it is not unusual not to have any listings in Danbury Breakers at any given time.

In 2016 and in 2017 there was one sale a year. No sales in 2015, one sale in 2014. 3 sales in 2013…

So, “there are no listings in this condo as of today” would be true, but it is not an indication that there will be a listing there this year, and even next year. Knowing that the market is now moving faster, and prices are going up, even though not dramatically, the right advice to anyone, who might be interested in condos in the area, is to look at broader condo market.

After all, Danbury Breakers is not a unique condominium, not an exceptional one. It is one of quite a few oceanfront condominiums with modestly sized units (1-bedroom/1 bath condos are 900 sq. ft.; 2-bedroom/2 bath condos are 1,031 sq. ft.). Yes, this is a pet-friendly condominium, and their rental policy is a liberal one (2 weeks minimum), but this maybe not enough to sit and wait, and end up in the market, which would go up 20%, so that you would have to pay significantly more.

If you are looking for a condo in the area, it would make perfect sense to look at other condos.

I can help you with it. We are the only area condo brokerage, exclusively handling sales of condominiums.

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