Aliki Atrium. March 2018

Aliki Atrium condominium is only a 27-unit condominium in Ormond Beach, but it is not the one you can discount and pass. It is a 7-story building, but the elevator stops on three levels.

All two-bedroom units are in two levels, and 3-bedroom units are in 3 levels. This is how 3 condos put one on top of the other with two 2-bedroom units and one 3-bedroom get you a 7-story building.

I hope your head is not spinning 🙂

Of course, when there are only 27 units, you can’t expect a bunch of units for sale. So, the fact that there is only one unit for sale as of today, shouldn’t shock anyone.

This is a penthouse level 3-bedroom/4.5 bathrooms, occupying 5,6 and 7th floor with a total of 75 linear feet of oceanfront balcony. Price $795K. Considering relatively recently similar unit listed at $1.2 Mil, this one is cheap.

There is a 2-bedroom unit under contract.


In 2017 there were 2 sales in Aliki Atrium condominium.

3 units changed hands in 2016

1 unit changed hands in 2015. It was the same unit, which is for sale now for $795K. In 2015 it was bought for $270K.

Time changes.

Waiting is not always a virtue.

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