Fountain Beach Resort. Market Snapshot. December 2017

Fountain Beach Resort in December 2017

There are 9 units in Fountain Beach Resort (FBR)for sale and one market as Contingent as of December 18, 2017. 5 studios, and 4 One-bedroom units. Contingent unit (310) is a studio. In FBR studios are basically hotel rooms. One-bedroom units were created by the Developer, who converted the hotel to condominium-hotel, and he combined 2 adjoining rooms, blocked one door from the hallway, and made this room a bedroom with a large bathroom with Jacuzzi. 1-bedroom units have two baths, and two balconies.

List of units for sale

Unit Number    Unit Type   Exposure       Price
416                         Studio        North        $52,000
614                         Studio        South        $54,900
331                         Studio        South        $64,900
306                        Studio        North        $69,000
320                        Double       North        $69,900
213                         Studio        South        $70,000
620                        Double       North        $99,000
302                        Double       North       $114,500
205                        Double       South        $114,999
On the south side, there is a vacant lot, while on the north side there is a hotel, so for now the views are a bit better on the south side, however, we do not know when and what would be built on this vacant lot, so we can only speculate what kind of view they will have in the future.


In 2017 8 units were sold in FBR and prices started from $35K for a studio to 95K for a 1-bedroom. The number of units sold in a year tells you that the inventory is for more than 12 months, strikingly different from the trend with residential condos, where inventory is less, and sales are brisk.


Yet the price for units in FBR compared to other condo-hotels, are still beneficial for the buyer, especially considering that FBR’s performance is good. Rentals of studios are pretty good.

1-bedrooms units are not doing quite as well, but it has always been this way, that larger units were lagging in performance, as while you are paying double maintenance for a 1-bedroom unit, you can rent it for double the rate.

Fountain Beach Resort in December 2017 shows a stable condo-hotel. It is a pretty good choice for a buyer looking for a no-headache place to relax, for simple pleasure in an unpretentious centrally located condo-hotel.

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