Fountain Beach Resort. Market Snapshot. December 2017

Fountain Beach Resort

Fountain Beach Resort in December 2017 There are 9 units in Fountain Beach Resort (FBR)for sale and one market as Contingent as of December 18, 2017. 5 studios, and 4 One-bedroom units. Contingent unit (310) is a studio. In FBR studios are basically hotel rooms. One-bedroom units were created by […] Read more »

Fountain Beach Resort. Glance at the Market. April 2017

Fountain Beach Resort

Fountain Beach Resort Condos for sale 10 units for sale in the resort right now. Starting price $59,900. 3 units are practically at this price. Then 3 units are in the $60s, and remaining 4 are larger 1-bedroom units. Their prices start from $79,900 and then a big jump to […] Read more »

How is Oceanside Inn Doing? February 2017

Oceanside Inn condo-hotel

Couple of days ago I posted Glimpse at Market Conditions at Oceanside Inn I received a call form someone curious about condo-hotels. He read my blog post, and yet, I could see that he had difficult time navigating in this field. He was asking about the comparison. It is not […] Read more »

Fountain Beach Resort. Mid Summer 2016.

Fountain Beach Resort

Fountain Beach Resort, a 148-room hotel, was built in 1973 and was converted to condo-hotel by then owner Bhagwan Asnani in 1998-1999. Located one building south of the intersection of Atlantic Avenue and International Speedway Blvd., it is attracting visitors, who want to be in the center of all Beachside […] Read more »