Another Remodel Finally Over

Remodel in Bristol Bay Condominiums

Bristol Bay is a 228-unit condo complex in South Daytona. Built in 1985, this budget condominium has seen difficult times, multiple foreclosures and numerous short sales like so many other condominiums in Greater Daytona. And like in those other condos in the area, this time is over. No more foreclosures, no more dumping units for ridiculously low prices.

We bought this unit from the bank. It was a bit tricky sale, as the City had a lien, and while they promised not to go after the new owner, the buyer, a prominent Real Estate attorney, was too experienced to buy what they say, and getting the City to put it in writing took quite some effort.

I even think that the only reason we got it for such great price was because of the lien. While an over $60K lien was wiped out at foreclosure sale, there was quite a gap in time when the foreclosure happened, and the sale. The city could start counting from the date of the sale, and at $100 a day, it could grow very fast.

The unit was a total mess. Sat empty for a few years. AC was dead, but the drainage pipe from the unit upstairs was running through this unit and it was clogged, and there was water on the floor. The smell of mold was so strong, that you could not stay there for more than a few minutes. It was depressing.

Bringing it back to life meant changing AC, putting  all new windows, new doors, new floors, new bathrooms, new ceilings, new walls, new everything. Even the layout of the unit was changed…

The Change

Here it is a few months and a bunch of challenges later. The unit is already listed in Daytona MLS. We had the first showing today. The agent is stunned. She couldn’t recognize the unit. It feels so much larger… Bu this is because we removed a few walls and opened the space, changed the layout of the kitchen. And this was the goal of remodel in Bristol Bay…

Remodel in Bristol Bay

Check the listing and look at photos.

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