Hotel Condos. February 2022

Condo-Hotel Market Hotel Condos. February 2022 Inventory 46 condo-hotel units (aka Resort Condos, aka Hotel condos) for sale in Daytona in MLS as of February 25, 2022. This is critically low inventory. Probably the lowest I ever saw it in my 20 years selling them. In 2004, at the start […] Read more »

Castaways Beach Resort Market Snapshot. End of 2017

Castaways Beach Resort

Daytona Condo-Hotel Market. Castaways This is the beginning of new 2018, perfect time to look back at 2017, see how Castaways Beach Resort fared by analyzing the statistical data. Try to predict the condo-hotel market in 2018 and, maybe, 2019. Current Data There are 3 condo-hotel units for sale in […] Read more »

How is Oceanside Inn Doing? February 2017

Oceanside Inn condo-hotel

Couple of days ago I posted Glimpse at Market Conditions at Oceanside Inn I received a call form someone curious about condo-hotels. He read my blog post, and yet, I could see that he had difficult time navigating in this field. He was asking about the comparison. It is not […] Read more »

Not Rocket Science…

Castaways Parking Lot

There are 4 Daytona Beach Shores condo-hotels. Oceanside Inn, Castaway Beach resort, Hawaiian Inn and Pirate’s Cove. How many times I heard this “images are 1000 times better than words” and yet tried to use words? I can explain that words describe and may reveal the past and indicate the […] Read more »

Castaways Beach Resort. Year 2013

Castaways Beach Resort

Castaways Beach Resort  in 2013 2043 S Atlantic Ave, Daytona Beach Shores, FL 32118 For one of the oldest condo-hotels in the area, built in 1960, Castaways Beach Resort is in pretty good physical shape.  Association, however, is not it the best shape. Last year was a tough one for […] Read more »