Tom, The Tile Man

Tom, the tile guy

We do remodeling and finding trades is always an issue. Easier with high-end remodeling. We would turn to Sita Construction, and you can’t dream of a better GC. But when we deal with very inexpensive condos, we have to be very careful not to come out too costly and impossible to sell.

Our philosophy is to go way beyond what is usually done in the market, so all our remodels stand out, also for other remodel and repairs there are also services which is a perfect services for different needed repairs. But with the money involved, we have to include time in the calculation, and often we would rent the unit for some time until the values are up, and then sell.

We used to hire excellent tile guys, but then they would start growing, hiring help, and soon taking on bigger projects, so the guys were no longer laying tile themselves, so the quality was suffering.

Lately, we noticed that our guy was no longer laying any tiles. He had young guys, and they were not great at that at all. It started hurting us.

A client of mine went to Russia to watch The World Soccer Championship, and he asked me to oversee a simple work of putting a new backsplash in the kitchen. He set everything with his tile people, all I needed was to open the door for them, and then lock the door when they were done.

Two guys came, I let them in, answered their questions, and left them. It took them 2 days. When we came back, to say that we liked what we saw would be an understatement. A very good clean job.

And the best part was that these were two guys, doing everything themselves, had no plans to hire guys and do big commercial projects.

I hope we found what we needed. With this quality, we would love to have Tom, the tile guy, work with us on our projects, and we would not hesitate to refer them to others.

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