Changes to Florida Constitution that May Affect Homestead

I read this article and thought it is interesting and worth spreading word about it.

The Florida Constitution Revision Commission meets every 20 years. It has the authority to put constitutional amendments on the ballot. Recently it has “voted to advance four public proposals, including a measure dealing with homestead exemptions” (more here).

We all know that Homestead Exemption provision of Florida Constitution protects your primary residents for seizures. Unintentionally Florida has been for years attracting all sort of crooks. They would come with ill-gained money, buy mansions, and have them protected.

“It is possible, through an unintended perversion of the homestead exemption, for felons to bring ill-gotten gains to Florida, to pack those ill-gotten gains into a homestead … and then hide those assets from the courts and the claimants,” Gaetz, a former Senate president, said.” (more here).

SO, next year we will be voting for this amendment. I don’t think there would be any noticeable opposition. Well, except, probably, from the likes of our President, whose real estate dealings seem to have been shaky (LOL)…

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