Wine Walk in New Smyrna Beach

My son and his beautiful girlfriend are fond of New Smyrna Beach, a neighboring city to the south from Daytona area. He has friends there, so he knows about all events and hardly misses any. He went to Wine Walk in New Smyrna Beach quite a few times before and liked it. When we ran into the ad in the newspaper that there was Wine Walk in New Smyrna Beach coming Saturday, we got into our car and drove to New Smyrna Beach.

We were lucky to find a place a car very close to Flagler Avenue. The Pass comes with 20 tickets and a glass to share, and started the journey.

The wine tasting places were along Flagler Avenue. Some had just couple of different wines, some had way more choices. Inexpensive wine a ticket would get you have the glass, and after couple of tastings I started seriously worrying about going back.

Then we figured that more expensive wine requires more than one (the most expensive I saw was 5 tickets), so we switched to it or we simply wouldn’t have used all of them.

Usually the events are on Flagler Avenue a gorgeous street running from the Intracoastal to the ocean. It is lined with charming mostly 2-story buildings with bunch of restaurants, boutiques… The avenue lined with mature trees, flowers. And most important – full of people.

This is what we do not have in bigger Daytona.

We have it in St. Augustine, we have it in Deland, the seat of the County Government. We have it in New Smyrna Beach, but we do not have it in Daytona.

And this is why we love to go to New Smyrna Beach for their events. And have a lot of events. Not that Daytona does not have events, but they are scattered, and in New Smyrna Beach they are in the heart…

Maybe Daytona does not have a heart yet?

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