What is Coming on the Beach?

Lately driving on Atlantic Avenue, I noticed the work being done on a large oceanfront lot. There were no any new condo or hotel announced for this site, and I could not figure it out. Then I noticed a sign saying Cocina 214, and figured that this was a Mexican Restaurant coming.

First it was a surprise. I sort of got used to the idea that  if anything comes on the beach, it is either a condo, or a hotel, and seeing something very different took me by surprise.

Then I started wondering why there were two structures, not one, and space between them. It was puzzling, until I finally ran into an article in the local newspaper, explaining what was happening on the lot.

So, not only we are getting a Tex-Mex restaurant Cocina 214, we are also getting Jimmy Buffet’s LandShark Bar & Grill. This explains why there are two separate structures.

And I changed my mind about the best use of this lot. While I did not see anything wrong of restaurants being across street from the ocean, there is nothing wrong and nothing stupid in locating them on the premium oceanfront lot. Locals and tourists love waterfront food establishments and we only have very few of them on the ocean.

So, we are now in waiting mode, watching for the construction to progress, and restaurants to shape up. They are scheduled to open in the first quarter of 2018.

Anyway, this is a good sign for Daytona. There was little to nothing happening for nearly 10 years, and any construction work is a pleasing sight.

Image by Anztowa via FLickr.com

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