The Cellar Made it To The List…

Surfing through numerous emails, I ran into Open Table, Inc. report featuring best 10 Central Florida restaurants. So, I am going through the list and see The Cellar Restaurant, which is in Daytona Beach.

Wow! Congratulations to the owners and employees.

It is actually an interesting place. It is in the basement of a historic home of US President Warren G. Harding.

The home of President Warren G. Harding was built by his father-in-law Amos H. Kling in 1907. The President and his family used the home as their winter retreat.

The house is on the National Historic Registry.

Restaurant owners Sam & Linda Moggio own the house now. The restaurant is there since 2003. I believe this is the only Daytona Beach area restaurant that made it to Zagat.

“Homemade pasta is a hallmark of this cozy Italian spot”. Oh yes. My grandson Daniel keeps saying their pasta is to die for.

I trust him. He knows, he recently started working there as a waiter.

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