SunGlow Pier in Daytona Beach Shores

Walking on the beach, we are passing Sunglow Pier, one of two piers we have in the area. Boaters keep their boats in the Intracoastal, so it is not for them, it is for fun. It is where people are fishing, and it is the place where people go to eat in a restaurant.

SunGlow Pier with Crabby Joe’s in Daytona Beach Shores, which is not far from us, is a focal point of this beautiful beach. I used to take a lot of photos, it is beautiful scenery. My grandson works at Crabby Joe’s during a busy season…

Today we noticed something new… new concrete pilings. They are just a little higher than the old ones, raising the structure by about a foot. Smart, piers are vulnerable to Hurricanes. Ours was damaged by Matthew, it is much shorter now. Going a foot higher may dramatically improve their survival rate.

Here is are photos and a video from YoutubeSunglow pier

Crabby Joe's & Sunglow Pier

Crabby Joe's & Sunglow Pier

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