Summer Coming to Daytona. June 2017

Summer Coming to Daytona.

It is June. Temperatures are in the upper 80s on the beachside, and hitting 90s in the mainland Daytona Beach area. The turtle season is active, and today I saw 3 new nests on our beach.

Water in the ocean is in the upper 70s, and plenty of people are in the water. Summer vacation season is starting.

Daytona Beach area is only 250 miles from Miami, but the major difference is that Miami used to be a winter resort, and now, with the influx of tourists from South America, where it is winter now, it is a year-round resort, while Daytona is a summer resort.  While Gulfstream washes Miami beaches keeping the water much warmer there in winter, it is at least couple dozen miles away from Daytona.

But as clever people say, you can’t have everything. Daytona gives us laid back style, very easy commute, easy parking, more bearable summers, and yet warm and beautiful winters, and even cooler ocean waters in winter do not stop visitors from swimming. Not that every Daytonian would be swimming in the ocean in winter, but I was doing it every time we walked on the beach, and it was fine.

But where else will you find these gorgeous beaches, with white hard packed sand easily holding cars. This is Daytona.

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