Shark Bites in Our County

Shark Bites in Our County – the Shark-Bites Capital of the World

Today came the news of the 10th shark bite in Volusia County, where I live, and which includes Daytona, Ormond and New Smyrna Beach and a bunch of other cities and towns. Out of 10 bites this year, 9 happened in New Smyrna Beach near the jetties just south from Daytona. The 10th happened in Ormond Beach north of Daytona.

A 17-year old was bit on the leg, nothing very serious, but he required stitches. Common thing happening to surfers like the last victim.

There were 51 shark attacks this year so far. 23 of them happened in US, the majority of all shark attacks. 12 in Florida, and if 10 in our county, you understand why we are the shark-bite capital of the world.

And yes, it was far from a record year, we had 23 shark bites a few years ago, most importantly however, none of them were fatal. All of them are a case of mistaken identity. We are not sharks’ food source; they mistake us for fish in murky waters near the shore.

Interestingly, the shark attacks are actually decreasing. 84 a few years ago, now 51. It is a dramatic decrease. Of course, they attacks are caused by people in the water, and the more people take it to the ocean, the more mistaken identities would be happening,  like in this instance.

A few year ago I read and article in the local paper. In this article a scientist noted that if we are in the water, we are at times are within 9-10 feet from the sharks, we simply do not know about it as we do not see them under water. If you are local, you know how to stay safe. If you see bait fish flying in the air, get out. It may be chased by sharks. If pelicans are diving again and again, this means there is fish there, and you better stay away.

Good thing we are not tasty enough for the sharks… They still prefer fish.

Photo by Elaine Brewer on Unsplash

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