Loving Nature…

Do We Love Nature?

To tell you the truth, it is a silly question. It is like asking whether we like the air we breathe.

For the most part we need to minimize human interference in Nature. And that would equal loving nature.

When I see doofuses feeding bread to seagulls, I do not understand these people. No, it is not Nature that they love. It is not about nature, it is all about them being so cool and generous and nature-loving, that they love.

Nature is only the background for a photo-op.

Seagulls’ food is not bread. It is not what they catch in the ocean. So, even if you truly believe that this is the way to love nature, then why wouldn’t you buy shrimp, cut it and then feed to seagulls. At least, this is what they eat…

Recently in our local newspaper there was an article raising a concern that too many birds’ deaths are on the county beaches. And one of the culprits – the nature “lovers”, who feed the birds.

Nature has its course. Sick and weakened birds are unable to get food and they die. But if you feed them, they do not die and make other birds sick and die from disease. So, now way more birds are dying because … we love them.

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