I Look Cool in Lamborghini

It is all about fun in Daytona.

When I go to Boca Raton or Miami, I am fascinated by all those super fancy cars. Sometimes it seems that their low end is an S-Class Mercedes…

But it is in South Florida. Not in our neck of the woods.

I was driving my Toyota Avalon on Atlantic Ave the other day and the car in the right lane ahead caught my eye. I did not know what car it was, but I knew it was a fancy and expensive one. I have a good eye and taste 🙂 Before I could figure it all out the car made a turn and disappeared.

And I forgot about it…

Couple of days later I saw the same car with the same magnetic sign on the door, and now I got closer. It was a Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder. And it, obviously, was a rental car… How cool that could be?


And I forgot about it…

Today I got an unsolicited fax, and while making all necessary steps to unsubscribe, which I do with every unsolicited offer, I noticed that it was from those guys, who now rent exotic cars in Daytona.

So, how much to pretend that you are a rich guy?

20 minutes = $100
30 minutes = $150
60 minutes = $250

Hmm, really affordable luxury, but I am, alas, no longer a teenager, and care so little about how I look in Lamborghini or Ferrari or any other fancy car, or with a gadget or a device…

I guess, it is great to be in Lamborghini… I imagine myself in Lamborghini, and I think I look cool.
And I will forget about it tomorrow 🙂

But if you are on vacation, this could be fun in Daytona.


I am a broker/owner of Daytona Condo Realty and help buyers to get a yet affodable piece of paradise.

Image by jeremyfoo via Flickr.com/creativecommons


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