Are Floridians Smart?

If you check Flagler Today Online, you would dive into a heated discussion of vacation rental, a ferocious opposition of residents to the Florida House Bills limiting the powers of counties and municipalities in regard to regulating short-term rentals.

Actually, there was time when the State took away the powers from local governments, and Flagler County attorney started a long fight, and he won. Since it happened, seems like the State wants to take it away, and tensions are high in Flagler.

I for one is for allowing people to rent. I for one is for restricting local governments as much as we can. The thing with government is once there is one, they decide to legislate people’s lives rather than help them make it better. There are immediately interests involved… hotels would object to short-term rentals, but is there anyone who would think they wouldn’t?

But I thought that this is me, and others think differently. Well, I was wrong. Just read that the poll commissioned by Airbnb shows that “Floridians are overwhelmingly supportive of the idea of people renting out their homes to tourists” (read more here).

The Survey also shows that people support taking away cities’ and counties’ powers to limit vacation rentals, and leave them to the State. Interestingly the responses from democrat and republicans were pretty even in this regard.

Also interesting that South Floridians were the least supportive of taking the control from the locals, with 78% in favor of not regulation by the local governments vs. 80% of the rest of surveyed. Yet, even 78% to me is overwhelming support for the measure.

On a personal note, I spoke to several people, who vacationed using Airbnb both in US and abroad, and it is a very different experience than hotels/motels. It is a different arrangement whatsoever, and it gives people more choices.

No wonder hotels do not like Airbnb and try to stifle the competition, but we all know that competition is what helps us get more and better choices at same or lower prices.

So, how on earth can it be bad? Especially, when I do not believe in the right of the municipalities to control everything. People control with their wallets. Something wrong, they will tell Airbnb, and I am sure it would be as effective, as any complain to a hotel if not more effective.

Floridians, I always thought we, in mass, are smart.

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