Daytona Beach is One of 10 Best Big Cities to Retire

A friend of ours, who recently bought a second condo in Sarasota, sent me this link to The 10 Best Big Cities To Retire In The U.S. Wow, they hit two cities on this list. Sarasota being #1 in the nation, according to US News & World Report, and Daytona Beach taking line 7.

By the way, one of the criteria used was housing affordability, and I can attest to that. We are probably the most affordable coastal community on the Atlantic.

We do not have a condo in Sarasota, yet we are proud that our Daytona Beach coming in 7th place.

Some smart people say that if this is one of the best places to retire, then it is sure one of the best places to live even before you retire. It is a great place to live even before you retire, or if you never retire 🙂

But anyway, this is a warm place; nice people; not really slow, but not New York-crazy…

And yes, the beaches, the walks, the breezes…

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  1. Maria Quinones says:

    I am retiring end of Jan 2017 from City Government Chicago 32 years. I was looking at Daytona Beach as my final destination in life..Always wanted to be close to the water. I was browsing condos and townomes $90 – $140 max and came across a Beautiful little condo complex that are townhomes 2 stories private patio European style litle houses so cute with a community pool. Hopefully in April or May some will be for sale? Will you put me on your list and in the spring let me kmow if Cobblestone Village 625 N. Halifax has available sales. Thanks Much! Maria Quinones -> email:

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