Between Hostility & Hospitality

Hospitality. A Crazy Complicated Simple Concept

You are walking into this condo-hotel. Unless you are an owner here, you would not even know that this is a condo-hotel, where each unit is individually owned. You would think this is a hotel.

So, you are walking into this particular hotel. The Front Desk clerk is sitting behind the Front Desk, and all you see is his/her head. S/he does not turn it, s/he does not greet you. So, you come to the counter and say “How are you?” Then and only then the clerk would acknowledge your very existence and say “Hi”.

You pass cleaners in the hallways, and some are naturally friendly and would greet you, and some would look through you as if you are not there…

This way for a few years. The owners complained to the General Manager, but nothing changed. As this is not Florida. Weird take on hospitality for a hotel, isn’t it?

Is it a Florida or a Daytona problem?


Ocean Walk Resort is only 2 miles away but feels like you are in a different Universe. Front Desk employees are standing. Everybody smiles and greets you. Not only at the Front Desk. If you happen to pass a cleaner, s/he would greet you… A porter would greet you… A security officer would greet you…

Hey, you are in Florida. You feel the warmth…

Only 2 miles between hostility and hospitality…

Today is Easter. I was in the lobby when a couple stopped at the Front Desk and asked where they could go for dinner on Easter Day.

The guy looked at them with a blank expression on his face. He had no clue. He was at the Front Desk of a hotel, where guests were asking a simple question with a reasonable expectation to get the answer, but there was no answer…

The general manager was off. Did not know about coming Easter? If yes, then why wouldn’t instruct his staff?

Being knowledgeable, professional and friendly – why is it so freaking difficult for the management? It is, after all, a very simple concept…

But the management is from a cold Planet.
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  1. Szabo Rose Marie says:

    Hello. Would you know if there will be a pre-sale for Protogroup’s new hotel and condo in Daytona Beach?

    • Jon Zolsky says:

      It seems it is quite far from that point. However, I would probably not wait for Protogroup to open sales office for their condos while there are no indications on any parameters, but rather turn to another presale in Daytona, where you kow the numbers, can negotiate, and what would turn to be an excellent place to own.
      Call me 386-405-4408 if you are interested.
      The reason I am cautious with Protogroup project is that I have no idea about the concept. I heard/read the condo would operate as a condo-hotel, and this is very different from a residential condo. I also wouldn’t be surprised to see astronomical prices on this project. After all for now it is the most expensive project on the beach.

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