Max Daytona Condo is Coming Soon

Mushrooms usually come all at the same time. Condominium projects in Daytona Beach area grow pretty much the same way.

We have not seen any sizable residential construction in Daytona Beach Shores since 2007. Then DiMucci started building a 6-story oceanfront condo, and then the developers started clearing the lot for Aruba, and construction should start any day now… and Max Daytona, the latest addition to condo developments in Daytona Beach Shores. And this latest condo in Daytona Beach Shores is actually the first building in Daytona Beach Shores if you come from Daytona.

Max Daytona is worth talking about.

It is a 12-story condominium with 72 2-bedroom units. “A new landmark in sophisticated oceanfront living” is how the developers position describe the project.

Prices are not announced officially yet. Developer is waiting for the State to return the Condominium Documents. I do not see why they could not release the prices, but the sales team pretends they legally can’t at this time.

I do believe that the developer simply tries not to tie up his hands in the changing market. Meanwhile, they are saying that prices would be in the $400 on the city side with a limited view of the ocean on the lower levels, $500s for units on the south and north side of the condominium, and $900s starting for direct oceanfront with prices for the penthouse level soaring…

Rooftop luxury is back. The developers have several designated common spaces on the roof. How practical it is going to be is a big question, as we have quite strong breezes up there, and it might end up being an unusable space. Peck development was famous for putting Social rooms on the top floor, but he knew about the breezes and they are enclosed. Here they are open, and we will see if this is a nice feature or a wasted space after it is all built.

Developers are from Canada, and they may not notice that you never see anybody on the balcony of any residential condo in Daytona except for hotels. It is either too windy or too hot, or too cold… So, it could easily be a selling point of nothing, looking enticing on the model 🙂

I was at the site yesterday. The Canadian group was there. Guys were staking the lot so you could see the line where each condo willl be. They had a drone in the sky taking pictures of what the view was going to be from every floor anbd every unit. Showed me what kind of view would buyers see from the west unit on the seventh floor. THey told me these views should be available next week, so we will wait.

Two one-bedroom condos on the ground floor are for the use by the residents when they get guests. Considering that units are modest 2-bedroom, this is a nice feature.

The sales team started taking reservations with $5K refundable deposit. They assured me that after going under contract, deposits were not to be used by developer to pay for construction. Sort of peace of mind for buyers

Max Daytona is one of few other new developments in the area. Life is coming back.

It is a long way to go, though…

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