Delay in Finishing Work on Peck Plaza

Last week I posted about Peck Plaza Condominium in Daytona Beach Shores – the tallest 29-story building standing at 343 ft. I mentioned the projection to finish it by late summer 2018. I took it from the article in our local newspaper published in December 2017.

However, as it turns out, work on Peck Plaza is far from the finish.

And here came another article, and now they are talking about doing it at the end of 2019 – the beginning of 2020. Ouch, this is quite a delay. The building has been closed for 22 months already. If closed at the very beginning of 2020, it means yet another 20 months.

This is the power of the hurricane…

Actually, two of them. Matthew, which severely damaged the building, and a year later Irma added a little more damage to a suffering condominium.

Of course, it will be a nicer building. It is not just fixing the damage. It is way beyond this. They are installing sprinkler systems. This improves the fire safety of this building – a very serious issue for older highrises with indoor corridor system.

Interestingly, in our News-Journal article, they say about 1,500 windows to be replaced. But I spoke to a great guy Chip Barret from US glass, who is overseeing the projects, he said that they were replacing 2,000 windows and 600 sliding door panels and these are better windows and doors, than the original ones.

The condominium is a circular building, and even putting new windows in is a challenge, as it is difficult to have flat windows play well with rounded walls of the building. Everything is a challenge. And work on Peck Plaza is continuing…

Top of Daytona,  quite a popular restaurant, more famous for the panoramic views than for the food, occupied the whole 29th floor. They had a separate elevator serving only the restaurant. It is quiet there now, but there is a hope that after finishing the work, they will be back and resume the operation.

I do not even want to think of what I would have to do if I had to find a place to live while the condos were under renovation, yet have to pay continuing maintenance fee and taxes. Not everybody can sustain these losses for over 3 years.

I do not envy the owners.

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  1. larry friske says:

    does Plaza have sprinkler system?

  2. Tj Strsin says:

    When will the Peck be open for rentals????

  3. donald keller says:

    my name is donald keller i lived in peck plaza for 22 yrs. stayed in the building thru two hurricanes perfectly safe. watched ts dermise l, credit has to be gven to ed peck for this bldg and hope ed is still there best regards to all don keller

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