Which Is The Best Condo?

Which Is The Best Condo?

I am getting this question quite often. People figure that I am familiar with condos in the area, so they try to cut the chase.

Which Is The Best Condo?

There is no simple answer. There are no absolutes in Real Estate. Trump Tower in Manhattan is probably quite good, but it sure wouldn’t be good for me. I love my Oceans Six condo in Daytona Beach Shores. Mr. Trump probably wouldn’t agree with me. And this is fine…

Actually, it is a good thing. What is great for some, others may not like at all, and vice versa…

A better question would be which condo is best for me?

To answer it I need to get into your shoes. I need to understand your goals and aspirations. I need to know what you see as your ideal condo and what and how much you are willing to compromise. I need to figure if this is even feasible, if this ideal condo exists.

I had a couple with more than 5 pets, and we do not have condos allowing 5 or more pets, so seems like the best condo for this couple does not exist in our area.

Often times the budget is the biggest obstacle to otherwise perfect list of wants. Too often people refuse to accept that real estate is about here and now. We do not have the time machine and can’t go back 5 years to buy at 2012 price.

Finding the best condo for you also depends on your flexibility. Whenever I get a list of wants, it is practically always a matter of compromise, as you can’t get everything you want. It is rarely realistic. Being flexible is a key.

So, when you ask me this question, it is a start of a process, where you tell us what you dream of, and us, trying to match it with a condo. And then we would be able to say that certain few condos could be the best condos for you.

After all the best condo is which you love, in the area and setting that you enjoy, and the one which you could afford.

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