Riverside Condominium Market Snapshot. Daytona Beach. May 2017

Riverside Condo Market Snapshot

I am looking at listings in Riverside Condo and noticing that the prices are up

Active Listings

1-bedr 79,900

$145K – River and ocean view

$169,900 – Courtyard view, pool

$169,900 – direct riverfront with river and ocean view from bedrooms.

Sold Listings

Since New Year there was one direct riverfront condos sold for $162,500.

Last year in the first 4 months there were 2 one-bedroom units sold. Both went for under $70K.

Altogether in 2016 11 condos changed hands. Prices for 2-bedroom condos were from $82,500 to low $100s, with one direct riverfront unit sold for $170K.

While it feels like the market is even slower this year compared to last year, the inventory is lower, and prices are noticeably higher.

Follow this link to see all listings in Riverside Condo with all the details.

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