Riverplace One Hundred

Riverplace One Hundred

Riverplace One Hundred is a direct riverfront condominium in Daytona Beach. A 117-unit 9-story condo was built as an apartment building in 1973 and later was converted to a condominium.

It is on the corner of Silver Beach Ave., and Peninsula Dr. Silver Beach takes you over the bridge to the mainland, but right now the bridge is in the process of being replaced, so we will most probably not be able to use it for another year.

But when it is all done, this is going to be the nicest bridge in the area. It is simply gorgeous, and I can’t wait to see it completed. But I digress…

I remember the Hurricanes of 2004, specifically the first one, Charley, which came from Florida’s West Coast and smashed into Daytona- Palm Coast area as a weakening hurricane. I was in Pendleton Club at that time, and I remember in the morning seeing the carport metal roof over the parking rolled off and laying terribly bangled on the asphalt…

Going back to the Riverplace One Hundred. This is an outside corridor system, so you walk to the door of your unit outside of the condo. You enter the unit from this walkway. The other side is a balcony, giving you a view of the Intracoastal and even the ocean from higher floors of this 9-story building.

It seems that 60% of the owners live there full-time. An excellent number for Daytona, where even less than 20% is not uncommon. The condominium allows 4-month minimum rentals, even though I doubt many owners really rent for such short term, as this is, of course, not a vacation place.

Daytona is still spoiled and a 7-minute walk to the beach is still considered a long walk J

Amenities and Features

Riverplace One Hundred condominium’s amenities include a heated riverfront pool, hot tub, a boat/fishing dock, which is free for the owners, tennis court, on-site management. Like with other buildings of the early 70s, it does not have washer/dryer hook-ups in the units, however, the laundry room is on each floor.

Riverplace One Hundred seems to be in good physical and financial shape. The complex got a new roof in 2017. The building will get a new coat of paint c.oming October (2018) . No special Assessment is coming. The Association has plenty of money in the reserve, and this is where the funds would be coming for the job.

There are 8 different floor plans. They have units from 1-bedroom to 3-bedroom and different type of 2-bedroom units. Association dues for a 2-bedroom unit are less than in Pendleton, the closest condominium building. Interestingly, but the prices in Riverplace One Hundred are a bit higher than in Pendleton. And I have no idea why.

If you are interested in Riverplace One Hundred or any other condo in the area, call or email me, Jon Zolsky.

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