The Pendleton Condominium in Daytona Beach

The Pendleton is a riverfront condominium with Boat Slips and dry boat parking and their own private ramp to set the boats on the water is a dream place for an outdoor activist. This is the rare condo, where you would see kayaks on the fence by the water, as they have the ramp and an easy way of getting in the water.

Excellent grounds, benches on the embankment… great BBQ area, actually two of them. Big pool area…

The condo has a strict 1-year minimum rental policy, so it is not a vacation place. They also have a very strict no pets policy, but I saw a small dog there. I doubt this is a service dog, and I am not sure how what is happening in this case. I guess it is one of those ESA cases (Emotional Support Animals). It is a growing p[roblem and the management simply can’t do anything with this.

Overall, The Pendleton Condominium is well managed, it is in great shape. Considering affordable prices in low to mid $100s, it is a great place to call home.

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