Oceanfront Condos in Palma Bella. Market Snapshot

Palma Bella Market Snapshot. April 2017

There are 7 direct oceanfront condos for sale in Palma Bella in Daytona Beach Shores.

Prices start from $657K for a 2nd floor unit and go to $733,950 for non-corner direct oceanfront units.

There are also 3 direct oceanfront corner very large units (2,854 sf). One on the north east corner and 2 on the South-East corner.

Their prices range from $835K to $899K

Let’s compare the prices with the peak of the market.

Palma Bella came on the market just a few months later than Bella Vista, when the market just started slowing down. Bella Vista got stuck with about a dozen of unsold units, and but Palma Bella was hit harder.

Some of the units there were not sold until late 2010. And, of course, it reflected on prices.

There were 10 units sold in 2007 (I am only looking at direct oceanfront units, stacks 03 to 06). Average sale price was $1,106,800. Highest priced unit 1006 was sold for whopping $1,550,000. Later years prices went down significantly, with 2 lowest priced units at $550,000, and the average price for all oceanfront units regardless of the time of sale is $924,900.

It is still higher than todays prices, which are getting very close, but yet a bit under $900K.

The market for luxury condos is back and is gaining strength, and not only it is strong on paper, but there is a flurry of activity, and at this point there are 3 condos under contract in Palma Bella.

Of course, the market starts from the lower tier, and the condos under contract are priced under $700,000, but as they disappear, and disappear fast, the more expensive would start moving as well, and the new listing will be coming for higher prices.

This is how the market works, when it is warming up. And this concludes our Palma Bella Market Snapshot. April 2017

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