Oceans Four Condominium in Daytona Beach Shores, FL.

Oceans Four Condominium

Oceans Four is a 20-story condominium building with 114 condo units in Daytona Beach Shores. It is one of 15 condominium buildings in the Oceans group of condos. Yet on MLS there is only 1 unit for sale as of today, February 5, 2018. Less than 1% inventory is a sign of a crazy market, and it isn’t. Seasonally this is the slowest time of the year, and usually the time of the biggest inventory, yet we are extremely low on inventory and yet… prices are still not crazy, which they should be under all these circumstances.

If you check Daytona Beach Shores market on Zillow, it is good, with 50/50 meaning that it is neither the Buyers’ market, and yet not the Sellers’ market. Theoretically it is ideal stable market, but it is nowhere near stable. We are either fall back to slower market, or will burst and go nuts, and nobody knows which of this is going to happen.

So, back to our sheep…

One 2 bedroom/ 2 baths top floor condo for sale at $315,000.

No pending, active contingent or contingent units at this time.

In preceding 12 months there were 9 sales from $262,500 to $313,000. So even with the smallest inventory imaginable, the price for a penthouse condo is still within the last year range.

Do I even need to comment?

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