Oceans Eight Condominium. Market Snapshot. April 2017

Oceans Eight Market Snapshot

Oceans Eight, built in 1996 is one of the newest few buildings in the Oceans Family of 15 condos in Daytona Beach Shores. Built by Bellmead Development Corp, this 21-story 168-unit oceanfront condominium is a popular and generally more expensive together with oceans Six, than a few other condominium buildings on the beach in the Oceans.

It is a popular building and having an indoor pool in addition to an outdoor pool. It is sister building to a smaller oceans Six, but the amenities, the layout of the units, and even the look of the buildings are nearly identical.

Sales in 2014  – 4

Prices $290K, 2-bedr; $305K, 2-bdr; $310K, 3-bedr, and $350K, 3-bedr.

Sales in 2015  – 14 units total

2-bedr condos from $270K to $349K.

3-bedr condos from $305,500 to $425K.

Sales in 2016  – 12 units total

Eight 2-bedr condos from $280K to $340K

Four 3-bedr condos from $365K to $400K

Sales in 2017 until April 20, 2017 – 1

2-bedr condo for $376K.

Active for sale on April 20, 2017 – 5 units total

One 2-bedr for $348,900

Four 3-bedr from $359K (not oceanfront) to $579,900 (oceanfront)

Pending/Contingent – 2 units total

Both are 2-bedr oceanfront units priced at *$325K and *$345K

This concludes our Oceans Eight Market Snapshot for April 2017.

Ideally, it is best to compare the data for one building with a similar one, as there may be some unique situations that distort the stats with just one crazy low and/or crazy high sale. Here we have the best opportunity to compare it to a market snapshot for its sister building Oceans Six.

Follow this link to see the information about Oceans Eight and all active listings with details.

*We do not know the contract price for Pending/Contingent, and the price noted is the Listing Price.

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