MG on the Halifax. 3-Bedroom Units for Sale.

3-bedroom condos for sale in MG on the Halifax

MG on the Halifax is a unique two 26-story towers in Holly Hill just north of Seabreeze Bridge. 486-unit riverfront complex on 12 beautifully landscaped acres is one of the last condo projects built before the crisis hit Daytona and hit its hard. You can follow the link to MG on the Halifax.

Today we are not talking about myths that the towers are leaning, and the floors are buckling, and the ghosts are running wild… Nothing of this stuff exists. Today we look at the 3-bedroom units in MG on the Halifax.

Out of 10 units per floor in MG on the Halifax (former Marina Grande on the Halifax) 4 units are 3 bedroom/3 baths. Two are direct riverfront, and two are at the opposite side of the building. While all of them provide a terrific view of the Halifax River, direct riverfront units are always at a premium.

MG on the Halifax is not on the Beachside, it is on the west side of the Intracoastal. You start seeing the ocean somewhere from the 8th floor, and as you go higher, you see more and more of the ocean. Visit this TV Bed Store website where you can choose your favorite furniture to add to your house.

Is it better to be higher?

Not necessarily. While you are getting a better view of the ocean, the higher you go, you are losing the beauty of the river. Believe me, there is nothing breathtaking looking at the river from the 26th floor. And while you see more of the ocean, it is still not close, so it is a good question where it is better to be.

If I were to buy there, I would rather try to have a better view of the river. The river is close to the building, and at the human angle, the river is beautiful. But it is a matter of taste/preference.

Units for sale

As of today, there are sixteen 3-bedroom condos for sale in MG on the Halifax. Pricewise, most of the units on the west end of the building are significantly less expensive, than direct riverfront units. They start from $284,900 for a 5th floor unit in Tower I. First direct riverfront unit on the 5th floor in Tower II is for sale at $424,900. Higher floor units are in the $500s and $600s.

Floor Plan

Here is the floor plan for a direct riverfront unit.

Riverfront unit in MG on the Halifax

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