Daytona Beach Condos

Here is some Daytona Beach condos trivia (if there is such thing as condo trivia ūüôā

Usually, we include 7 municipalities in Daytona Beach. Locals know them, but people out of the area usually call everything Daytona Beach.

Combined, these 7 municipalities have 274 condo complexes (buildings) with 21,964 units.

Here is the breakdown of Daytona Beach Condos by the city:

1.   Daytona Beach                       75 condos/6290 units

2.   Daytona Beach Shores         68 condos/5221 units

3.   Holly Hill                                  5 condos/  749 units

4.   Ormond Beach                      73 condos/3123 units

5.   Ponce Inlet                             27 condos/1835 units

6.   Port Orange                           16 condos/  869 units

7.   South Daytona                      10 condos/  710 units

You may also here New Smyrna Beach, and there are plenty of condos there. Or Greater Daytona Beach, which would include not only New Smyrna Beach with its 66 or more condominium buildings, but also Palm Coast, and West Volusia County bringing the total number of condo buildings in the vicinity to close to 500.

If you are in the market for a condo, you sure can keep researching on this site, as all 274 Daytona area condos are here. If you research 5 condos a day, which is a lot, you would need 55 days.

Let me know what exactly you are looking for, what is most important for you, and what you could sacrifice, I would need a few hours to put together the list of condos, that can fit your budget and priorities.

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