Los Angeles = Daytona Beach?

Is Daytona Beach = Los Angeles?

In Los Angeles this oceanfront condo would Cost $3 Mil. Probably…

This is what people tell me. And they find it very important for their search of condo in Daytona.

But Daytona is not LA… I doubt Daytona will become LA anytime soon.

So the price you would have paid for it in LA is irrelevant in Daytona even if it is 10 times less than in LA, unless, you find the way to buy a condo here and move it to LA…

You can take any Mexican food in LA and you know that LA it is 10 times more expensive. Of course, you can move to Daytona and spend so much less on an oceanfront condo, but most probably you would be missing on something, that makes LA such an expensive city. There is nothing wrong with living in Daytona, but it is not Los Angeles.

And this is why you would have to pay so much more there.

So, yes, we are back to location, location, location…

Image by Gary Limjap via Flirckr.com

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