Daytona Beach Golf & Country Club. Market Snapshot. April 2018

Daytona Beach Golf & Country Club

The Daytona Beach Golf & Country Club Condominium is not really for rich and famous. It is for budget-minded owners. But like those flashy condos for the wealthy, this is a golf course condo complex, and you see the soothing green of a beautiful golf course, but for an affordable price and low maintenance fee.

Let’s do not forget that we can always change how the unit looks inside, we can remodel, we can make a gem from any unit, but we can’t change the surrounding. Here you get the surrounding. And it is yet affordable.

The complex consists of 3 interconnected buildings. All buildings are 2-story. The total number of units – 95.


Currently, only one condo unit is for sale here.

A 2-bedroom/2 bath, 910 sq. ft. ground floor unit facing a lushly landscaped courtyard. Asking price $68,000.


In the first quarter of this year, 2 units changed hands. One was sold for $58,900 and another for $60K.

In 2017 5 units changed hands. The one-bedroom unit went for $35,100 and 4 two-bedroom units ranged between $43K and $$54,900.

So, as we can see, prices are on the increase. And considering extremely low inventory, they most probably would keep going up.

In 2016 only 2 units were sold. Both 2-bedroom/2 bath units. Guess what the prices were?

$36,000 and $38,000. And this is not a mistake.

This is yet another strong indication that the market has started warming…

Watch rising prices in Daytona Beach Golf & Country Club Condominium. They might surprise you.

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