Daytona Area Condos. Good or Bad?

Daytona Area Condos

There are 492 condominiums for sale in Daytona area, which includes Daytona Beach, Daytona Beach Shores, Ormond Beach, Ponce Inlet, Port Orange, South Daytona, and Holly Hill. MLS is showing 498, however, 6 of those are condo-hotels units, mistakenly classified as residential condominiums.

Prices range from $45K to $3.4 Mil for a 3 level Penthouse unit in Aliki Towers. There is only one condo for under $50K, and there is only one condo for over $2 Mill.

Sales of Daytona Area Condos


So far this year until today there were 727 condo sales from $35K to $950K oceanfront 3 bedroom/3 bath unit in Ocean Villas.


There were 1,099 condo sales in 2018. Prices ranged from $38K to $1,196,000 for an oceanfront 4 bedroom/4.5 baths in Island Crown.


The same number of sales – 1,099. The price range: $35,100 to $1,150,000.


There were 1,061 condo sales in 2016. Price range from $28,000 to $1,200,000 for a full-floor condo in Aliki Towers.


995 condo sales took place in 2015. Starting price $21,600. 5 units were under $30K.

The highest-priced unit sold in 2015 was for $900K. It was for a 3-bedroom unit in Ocean Villas.


986 condo units changed hands in 2014. Prices started from $17,500. 11 units were sold for less than $30K.

The highest-priced unit was sold for $1,150,000.


1,052 units changed hands in 2013. Lowest price unit – $15,000. 2 units sold for less than $20K and 22 units were under $30K.

The highest-priced unit went for $830,000.


9822 units changed hands in 2012. Lowest price unit – $6,000. 9 units sold for less than $20K and 43 units were under $30K.

The highest-priced unit went for $975,000.


As you can see, the top price does not really give you the idea of the market, but the lowest prices sure do. From $6K in 2012 to $45K today.

But the market is always relative. And for today’s market, $45K is crazy low, like $6K in 2012.

Yet it is always up to you, whether to wait until it goes back to $6K, which, considering my age, is not happening…

Interestingly though, the number of sales of condo units is pretty steady through the years. Bad years and very bad year, – the number is about 1,000, give or take..

I am a condo broker for DaytnaCondo Realty. Call me if this is what you are interested in, thinking about, or simply are curious…

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